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Yusen Logistics

Delivering Value through Values

Yusen Logistics is the new name for NYK Logistics and Yusen Air & Sea.

Established in 1885, NYK is one of the worlds most recognized and trusted names in shipping and logistics. Yusen was established in 1955 and then acquired by NYK in 1959. Since then, the two companies have worked alongside each other in their respective fields delivering transport solutions to the world.

On October 1st, 2010, the two companies formally merged in Japan, and from April 1st, 2011, the two companies come together in the Americas to become Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

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At Yusen Logistics, we live by our corporate values. We believe that in order to be a value driven company that delivers advantage to our customers, we need to be a values driven organization that acts accordingly in our daily life.

IntegrityBe respectful and considerate to your customers and colleagues. Stay warm, cordial, courteous, and caring.

InnovationContinually think of new ideas for improvement, even when conditions appear satisfactory. Remain open to betterment.

IntensityCarry through with and accomplish your tasks. Never give up. Overcome challenges. Remain Motivated.

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