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+ Green Supply    Chain

Green Supply Chain Management

End to End to End

Yusen Logistics is committed to being an environmentally responsible company and helping you to develop your own environmentally sound supply chain solutions.

Our goal is to satisfy your need for visibility across the return life cycle. Building from our core competencies of Transportation, Distribution, Supply Chain and Information Technology, we have integrated our experienced specialized service providers into a single, seamless solution.

Innovating in Closed Loop Logistics

In addition to pursuing green practices in all areas of operation, Yusen Logistics also offers a Closed Loop Logistics service, helping companies achieve a zero-landfill end goal. By taking returned goods and recycling and reprocessing the parts, Yusen Logistics can reduce waste and save cost through green innovation. With facilities strategically aligned across China and the U.S., Yusen Logistics has the advantage of being at the forefront of the green supply chain revolution.
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  1. Asset recovery
  2. Plug and play testing
  3. Repair and refurbishment
  4. Repackaging
  5. Liquidation
  6. End of life disposal
  7. Life cycle visibility


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