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Supply Chain Solutions

Better Freight Management

Every business scenario is different, which means cookie-cutter logistics solutions don't stack up. Some providers offer domestic solutions, some look at the international aspects. Yusen Logistics evaluates your business and logistics problems globally, pulling together its complete service network and portfolio.

Taking a fully personalized approach, we'll uncover what's working, as well as where operational, financial and customer service improvements can drive results. From the procurement of raw materials through suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, consumers and end-users, our supply chain solutions team gives you the advantage you need to compete in this complex global economy.

  1. Order Management
    1. Order fulfillment
    2. Order consolidation
    3. Production flow control
    4. Lean warehousing
  1. Shipment Management
    1. LTL consolidation
    2. Optimized routing
    3. LLP project management
    4. Managed service outsourcing
    5. Yard & carrier management
  1. Inventory Management
    1. Dynamic inventory optimization
    2. Network optimization
    3. Pipeline visibility
    4. Inventory planning & control
  1. Total Landed Cost
    1. Cost category evaluation
    2. Consultative supply chain design
    3. Analysis & engineering
    4. Balanced scorecard development
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  1. Reduced inventory carrying costs
  2. Improved inventory turns and positioning
  3. Optimized network performance
  4. Increased customer satisfaction
  5. Better demand-supply planning
  6. A faster cash conversion cycle


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