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NVOCC Freight Forwarding

Yusen Logistics provides a complete NVOCC service through its Ocean Division. The Ocean Division builds on over 120 years of experience in the shipping industry and offers a robust and reliable service. We utilize long-term strategic partnerships with leading air and sea freight carriers allowing us to offer fast, flexible and reliable services to and from all destinations and origins. This combination of services makes Yusen Logistics the perfect choice for importers and exporters looking for greater shipping options.

Multiple Carriers, Seamless Import and Export Service

Yusen Logistics has contracts with most major carriers, allowing for a tiered solution using multiple carriers at a single price point.
  1. Global coverage with locations in 70 countries
  2. Multiple sailings, flexible transit times and expedited services
  3. Deferred service contracts with 16 carriers
  4. Door-to-door delivery
  5. EDI compliant
  6. Clear tracking with online visibility systems
phone: 800-414-3895
  1. Flexible sailing schedules
  2. Vast port network
  3. Container and vessel voyage visibility
  4. Fast event reporting
  5. Clear shipment details
  6. Online document access


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